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Have you experienced any inconvenience when riding a taxi or just had a hard time getting a ride? Oh well, I’ve had my share of stories about taxi rides whenever I travel especially in Metropolitan Cities like Metro Manila. There were times we’d wait for hours to be able to get a ride going to our destination. Some drivers can be friendly and can give you that safe feeling once you get in the cab but others, ugh, they choose passengers so I’d end up being on the street for quite some time and worst, end up being late to a commitment. Other stories I’ve heard also involved scary taxi rides and I wished then there was a safer way to commute especially at night time.

Good thing we now have GRAB in the Philippines. GRAB is a Malaysian transportation company that ensures the safety of its customers and they have set high standards to be able to give the passengers safe and affordable rides.

GRAB Philippines in Bacolod City

Good news to Bacolodnons and its neighboring cities & towns – GRAB has been in Bacolod for a while already.


So for Bacolod Residents and tourists visiting the city, here are the services that Grab offers:

Taxi-Hailing (Grab taxi)

E-hailing solves safety and price certainty issues associated with traditional taxis. It means that it would be easier for a passenger (using the Grab App) to just book a taxi from a mobile phone. Some drivers are just too picky especially during peak hours or others would demand a higher fixed rate. Good thing GRAB now addresses that issue. In fact, during the launch, they invited Mr. Jameson Ponce, a Grab Taxi driver who shared how pleased he is to be part of the GRAB family. Jameson Ponce said they were trained to give their customers a safe ride and a pleasant trip to and from their point of destination.

When Bacolod City, Grab Taxi is just perfect when visiting attractions wherein no Jeepneys are servicing the place like The Ruins, etc.

For those who will be taking a flight, Grab will come very handy especially if you don’t want to take the Van servicing the place.

Private Cars (GRAB car)

More than 50% market share and growing. This is convenient for those who don’t have their own cars but want to enjoy the luxury of riding a car that is safe, child-friendly and comfortable. So if you are visiting Bacolod and would want to visit destinations or attending events, the Grab Car would come just perfect.

Carpooling- (GrabShare)

Grab Share is a commercial on-demand carpooling service using GRABCar drivers for passengers to share their ride. Passengers enjoy their ride with short detours; drivers earn more passenger bookings in one trip. This is suitable for those whose points of destinations are near one another and there would be lesser time waiting for drop offs and detours as well. This will surely benefit students or even employees like call center agents.


GrabHitch is a social carpooling service allowing passengers to hitch a ride with drivers on a fixed route. Drivers get to defray some of their transport costs by giving fellow passengers a lift.

-In-app mobile payments for seamless rides.
-Opportunity to reduce reliance on cash-based transactions.
-Caters to local payment preferences- top-ups using GrabPay Credits, credit and debit cards, Alipay, Android Pay, and mandiri e-cash.

With over 43 million mobile downloads and has reached 49 cities in 7 countries, GRAB will certainly offer more innovations in the future to bring more smiles to people’s lives.

So in your next visit to Bacolod City, don’t forget to use Grab.


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