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Have you already explored Bacolod City and Negros Occidental? If you have already visited the city and thought that you’ve seen it all, then maybe you should think again. Herewith is a list of the 70 things to do when visiting Bacolod City and Negros Occidental. For the food establishments on this list, I have only included homegrown restaurants and cafes.

Bacolod City



1. Try the Chicken Inasal of Bacolod.

a.  Chicken House.Try the grilled chicken parts like pecho, paa,   isol, pakpak, and isol. Bacolod Chicken House is located at 24th Lacson St., Bacolod City, they also have a branch in the  Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod and at Corner Alunan-Lacson Streets, Singcang, Bacolod City.

Bacolod City

3. Chicken Deli. Another restaurant specializing in chicken Inasal. Located at Lacson St. cor 8th Street, Bacolod, City and at SM City Bacolod City. For reservation, call: (034) 432-0395/433-3506


2. Ading’s Pala-Pala.  Offering seafood delicacies…Located at  Corner of San Juan Street and North Capitol Road, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. For reservations ,call: (34) 458-1594.

Bacolod City

 Imay’s. Bacolod City

3. Imay’s Restaurant. Serving a wide array of Filipino dishes, but they are well known for their seafood dishes, which are delightful. A restaurant for all occasions – family meals, birthdays, barkada dinners, all sorts of celebrations. Located at 6th Street – Lacson, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Bacolod City

4. 18th Street Palapala Seafood Grill and Restaurant. Try their chili crab,   crispy tail lapu-lapu, fish head with bell pepper sauce, grilled blue marlin,lapu-lapu tinola and much more. Visit Bacolod 18th Street Palapala Seafood Grill and Restaurant at 18th & Aguinaldo St., Lacson Ave., Bacolod City. Click here for their Must-try Dishes.

Bacolod City

Luncheon at Aboy’s

5. Aboy’s Restaurant. One of the most established restaurants serving native delicacies in Bacolod City. Try their sizzling blue marlin or their “Tinumanan na Uhong” (steamed mushroom). Located at the Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Liroville Subdivision, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. For reservation, call:  (34) 435- 0760.




6. Bob’s Restaurant. One of the oldest restaurant in Bacolod offering quality food. Located right in front of Riverside Hospital, Bacolod City.

7. Bar 21. At 21st – Located along Lacson Street, this Bar and Restaurant is known for their good food and nice ambiance.

Bacolod City

Lina’s Al Fresco

8. Lina’s Al Fresco.One of the loveliest al fresco restaurant in the city. The place is great when dating with someone or if you are with your family.Located at #1 First Street Lacson, Bacolod, Negros Occidental 6100, Philippines. You may call 0916 471 1763 for reservations.

Bacolod City

Yummy backribs at Lord Byron’s

9. Byron’s Back Ribs. Offering one of the best back ribs in town located at Block 8, Lot 7 Stork St. Brgy. Montevista, Homesite, Bacolod City. It is located  behind Montevista Tennis Court, Bacolod City.

Bacolod City

Bangus ans Scallops by Mely’s Garden Restuarant

10. Mely’s Garden Restaurant. One of the newest Restaurant in Bacolod City. They have an Al Fresco and an air-conditioned dining area. Mely’s Garden is located at 6th Street, near Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Bacolod City

Sharyn’s Cansi

11. Sharyn’s Cansi House.Cansi is a Negrense soup dish made of boiled bone, beef shank or bone marrow and flavored with langka and the souring agent batwan. Sharyn’s Cansi House is located at C-58 Narra Ave., Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City.

12. Pendy’s Snack Bar and Restaurant. One of the oldest restaurants in the City.Try their Spaghetti Bolognese and Callos. For pasalubong, try the Napoleones, it’s a sweet treat that I swear you will never forget.Located at Corner Lacson and 25th Streets, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Bacolod City

Bascon’s “Lupad-Lupad” (Crispy Fried Tilapia)

13.27TH Bascon Restaurant. Known for their old-time favorite recipes. Bascon is known for their great food like chicken relleno among others. Located at 27th Lacson Sts., Bacolod City. For the review of this place, click here.




Bacolod City

Platter at Tyrol Restaurant

14. Tyrol Restaurant. Great food created by a Chef from Austria and Germany. Servings are really huge…their staff is very helpful and Chef will be the one to welcome you.  Their Sausages are really huge and the pork knuckles is a must try. Located at Mayfair Place Residence, 12th St Lacson, Bacolod City. For Reservation, please call (034) 703 1878. For the review of this place, click here.

Bacolod City

Salads by Delicioso

15.Delicioso. Delicioso is a restaurant and bar with nice food. They have a great selection of cheeses and cold cuts.  Delicioso has a cozy and casual atmosphere–the perfect setting for a gathering of friends and family.  Located at Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. For reservation, call (34) 435-0504.For a review of this place, click here.

Bacolod City


Feast at Wara Wara

16. Rau Ram Cafe ( formerly Saigon Café). Try authentic Vietnamese cuisine right in Bacolod City. Run by a family who went to Vietnam to learn Vietnamese cooking. Try their Bun Thit Nuong (Salad with grilled pork) or their Guoi Cuon (Vietnamese Spring Rolls.) Make sure you have reservations before dining there a night as the place is small and it fills up really fast. Located at Marapara 1 Zone 2, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City.For reservation, call: 0943-492 3750

Rau Ram Cafe

17.Wara-Wara. A Korean buffet restaurant located Central City Walk, Robinsons Place Bacolod City.For the review of this place, click here.

18.Trattoria Uma. For a taste of Italy in Bacolod City, try Trattoria Uma. You might want to try their pizza salmon con rucola, ravioli al’Uma, osso bucco milanese, and risotto salsiccie con funghi.

Bacolod City

19. L’ Kaisie. A Japanese Restaurant right along Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

20.Shawarma ni Kulas. If you love shawarma, then this must be the place for you. Shawarma ni Kulas has quite a number of outlets in Bacolod City. One of which is in front of l Fisher Hotel.



Pecan Pie of Calea

21. Calea. Known for their mouth-watering cakes and pastries, Calea is now one of the most popular places in Bacolod City. Located right in from of L Fisher Hotel at Lacson Street, Bacolod City.For the review of this place, click here.

22. Felicia’s. Another cake specialist on the rise in Bacolod City. Must try are their Sansrival cakes (both the Butter and Chocolate). Their macaroons are perfectly soft, chewy and tasty. Located at 6th Lacson St. ,DOLL Building, Bacolod City.They also have a branch beside L Fisher Hotel and another at SM City Bacolod. You may call  433- 6586.

Bacolod City

23. C’s Café. This is L Fisher’s café located in front of their Building at Lacson Street. Their cakes were great and you might want to try their churros.For the review of this place, click here.

jojo vito-3-2, Bacolod City

24. Tifanny’s Confection. A very small place in 8th Best place to hang out when you want to think and work, calm and quiet. Plus you get to taste all the delicious mouth watering desserts! Located at #6,8th Street Bacolod City. For reservation , call 0922 800 8178.

Bacolod City


25. Quan Native Delicacies. The only restaurant in Bacolod City specializing in qualityNative Delicacies. They have branches in Gaisano City; Lopue’s Araneta, Lopue’s East, Robinson’s Place, Northdrive (located Beside Doctors Hospital), La Salle and the Ayala District. Click here for more reviews About Quan.

26.Miren Desserts Cafe. Another pastry shop located in the Art District, Mandalagan Bacolod City.



Bacolod City


27. Café Uma. One of coziest and most homey café in Bacolod City.

28. Bobs Cakes and Pastries– It’s one of the few real delicatessens in Bacolod City. They a great selection of wines, cheeses, meats and bread to satisfy the discriminating palate. They also have good brick oven pizzas available at a very affordable cost.  Their cakes are also a must try. Located at Corner 21st & Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

Bacolod City

 Halo halo at Kuppa

28. Kuppa– Capitol Shopping Centre, Corner Hilado and Tindalo Avenue, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

30. Bascon Café. Right in front of Rolling Hills , Bacolod City.




Bacolod City

31. Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. Experience Masskara Festival all year round at the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. Apart from the full array of mask collections which you can view in the gallery, you can see too how these masks are being built. The Gallery also provides interactive activities like “ Mask Painting”. The gallery also provides all kinds of souvenir items that is truly Bacolod and Negrense. Visit Jojo Vito Designs Gallery from Monday to Saturday at 119 Kapitana Dicang-Alunan Avenue St., Bacolod City. For a group who wanted to visit the gallery, you may call 0922-8516729; (034) 704-2378. Website: jojovito.com

32. The Negros Showroom. Bring Home the Best of Negros Products on at the Negros Showroom. The Negros Showroom showcases the best of  Negrense products ranging from Food, Furniture and Furnishings; Gifts and Housewares; Fashion and Garments; Natural and Organic and souvenir items. Negros Showroom is located at Central City Walk, Robinsons Place Bacolod City.

Bacolod City


34. The People’s House or formerly known as the New Government Center in Bacolod City. One of the most photographed buildings in Bacolod City

35. Bring home some Pasalubong like Piyaya and more  from Merzci Breads and Pastries; Bongbong’s, Virgies or Bailon’s

Bacolod City



36. J & L Marañon House.Prominently situated in the city of Bacolod City along Araneta Street. A four level palatial structure with a twist of bizarre architectural and interior design.

37. Negros Museum. Visit this place to have a glimpse of the history of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.Address: Gatuslao corner Lacson Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

 38. Panaad Stadium and Park. Home to  Pana-ad Stadium, which is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Panaad Park and Sports Complex in Bacolod, Philippines. Used for football matches, and is the adopted home of the Philippines national football squad. It acted as host to football at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games and was later the venue of the qualifiers of the 2007 ASEAN Football Championship or ASEAN Cup. The main stadium has a seating capacity of 15,500. Apart from the stadium, the site also has a park wherein all municipalities and cities in Negros Occidental has a pavilion showcasing the best in their LGUs. Address: Mansilingan, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

39. Negros Capitol Park and Lagoon. Salient characteristics of the park are matching sculptures depicting a woman standing alongside a water buffalo and that of a man drawing out another water buffalo. These sculptures are located at the northern and southern ends of the lagoon. These designs were done by Italian sculpture Francesco Riccardo Monti, who as well executed the carvings of the Metropolitan Manila Theater and the University of the Philippines – Visayas Iloilo campus. Guillermo Tolentino also contributed as a sculptor of the human bodies.

Bacolod City

 Buffalo Sculpture at Negros Capitol Lagoon

40. San Sebastian Cathedral. Situated right in front of the Bacolod public plaza, the San Sebastian Cathedral is a late 19th-century church in Bacolod City. It is the place of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod. Address: Rizal Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

41.Pope John Paul Tower. This 7-story structure was built in dedication to the late pope who celebrated the holy Eucharist on this province last February 20, 1981. Situated right at the back of SM City-Bacolod.

2.1272421179.the-newly-built-monument-to-pope-john-paul, Bacolod City



42. La Guerta Vintage Glass Museum– Visit Mr. Tomiko’s Vintage Glass Museum at Punta Taytay, Bacolod City.  See for yourself his wide array collection of rare Depression glass wares painstakingly collected throughout the years.  It’s located in Brgy. Sum-ag, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines.  You need to make an appointment to visit the place at Phone Number: 639173098895

43. Quiet Place Farm Resort. Should you want to relax and be away for a while in chaotic city life, then this place is for you. Located at Brgy. Tabunan, Bago City, Negros Occidental. For reservation, call Tel No. : (034) 435-0021, Cell No.: 0918-9220422

44. Balay ni Tan Juan. The residence of Gen. Juan Anacleto Araneta in Bago City was built in the 1800’s, a typical “Balay Bato” whose architectural style was prevalent in the Philippines during the Spanish Era.  Balay no Tan Juan  is a structure that stood witness to the struggles of the people during the dark years of Hispanic Colonization and the events that took place prior to that historic Negros Revolution of 1898, the Balay was declared by the National Historical Commission in 1978 as a National Historical Landmark and was allocated appropriate funding for its restoration.

Bacolod City

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

45. Buenos Aires Mountain Resort.  The resort was once a hideout during the 2nd World War. Ideal for a family vacation, the resort has three swimming pools,  training center, pavilion, cottages and a hostel. Located in Brgy. Ilijan, Bago City. For reservation, call Tel. No.: (034) 4610-540 / (034) 732-8362

46. Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center. A special interest park that serves as a gateway to the Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. It appeals to mountain climbers and adventure seekers because of the long and challenging trek to the peak of Mt. Kanlaon. For reservation, call Tel. No.: (034) 4610-540 / (034) 732-8362


Bacolod City

Durian at ECJ Farms

47. Guintubdan Pavilion and Garden. While in this place, you could trudge the virgin forest, be captivated in the exquisiteness of array of flowers, plunge in the coolness of the spring water and falls, and feast yourself with beautiful sights including the scenic views of the mountains and cascading falls. The tranquility of the place allows you to meditate and feel closer to nature. Located in Sitio Guintubdan, Brgy. Ara-al.  Sitio Guintubdan, Brgy. Ara-al, La Carlota City. For more details, call: Tel. no. (034)460-2585

48.ECJ DURIAN FARMS. Try Negros Durian at ECJ Durian Farms. ECJ Durian Farms in Brgy. Ara-al has an area of about 85 hectares, yielding tons of Durian fruit of different varieties. They also produce bananas of “Lakatan” family that presently floods the local and provincial markets because of its sweet and delicious taste. Brgy. Ara-al, La Carlota City

Bacolod City

 Kipot Twin Falls

49. Kipot Twin Falls- The Kipot Twin Falls is owned and managed by the Local Government by Bago City under its Tourism Affairs Division. Inquiries are entertained by calling the Bago City Tourism Office at (034) 4610-164 and (034) 4610-540.

50. Pataan Mountain – Pataan Mountain Resort is situated just along the road after passing Buenos Aires and Kipot Twin Falls. The place has cottages which can cater to an overnight stay.

Bacolod City

Pataan Falls

51. Tinago Mountain Resort– Mountain Resort with Waterfalls and three swimming pool for toddlers, children, and adults. Day cottages and night cottages are ready for any functions. Bringing food and beverages are allowed. 034-434 2267/ Cell # 09478697340

52. Mila’s.  A modest restaurant with sizeable dining area on the main road in   Mila’s is known for their exquisite Buko pies and potato cake.  Mila’s is located at Rizal Street, Hinigaran, Negros Occidental. For more details, call:  (34) 391 7849

Bacolod City

Mila’s Royal Bibingka

53. Danjugan Island Marine Reserve and Sanctuaries. Danjugan Island showcases some of Negros’ best kept secrets: rich marine sanctuaries, picturesque lagoons, secluded beach coves, and some caves…All in one location. While the waves are a bit tricky, especially during the monsoon months, the 15-minute boat ride from Punta Bulata Resort is definitely worth it. Danjugan Island Marine Reserve Sanctuaries is located at Barangay Bulata, Cauayan, Negros Occidental 6112, Philippines. Phone Number: +63 920 281 8718

 Bacolod CitySipalay

54. Punta Bulata White Beach Resort & Spa. The snorkeling area is one of the best in the Visayas. Be prepared with your underwater camera.

55. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Sipalay. One of the best places in the Philippines for divers. For more reviews about this place please click here.



Bacolod City

 The Ruins

56. The Ruins. Dubbed as the Taj Mahal of Negros, this is a beautiful structure with an equally beautiful story behind it. Located at Hda. Sta. Maria, Talisay City, Philippines. For details, call Phone (034) 476-4334.

balay ni tana dicang , TALISAY NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, Bacolod City

57. Balay ni Tana Dicang. A well-preserved ancestral home of more than a hundred years old…this is the ancestral home of the Lizares….One must see are the four wood-carved rosette windows, the long full-length wood flooring of the living room and much more. Located on Rizal St., Talisay, Negros Occidental. For details, call: (034)4952104

 Silay City, Bacolod City

59. El Ideal. The oldest bakery in Silay City is the place of the famous Guapple pie. El Ideal specializes in traditional Bacolod biscuits and treats such as quinamuncil, sinambag, Biscocho, bands, brass,  galleries, pacienca, and piyaya. Along your path towards the airport, you can cut down by this bakery at  118 Rizal Street, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

 Silay City, Bacolod City

Balay Negrense , Silay City

60. Museums / Heritage houses of Silay City. 3 heritage houses have been converted into museums. (There are much more, but they are not open to public).  They are all within walking distance from each other. Actually, there are about 20+ heritage houses in Silay, but all are not open to visitors.

A) Bernardino Jalandino museum

B) Manuel Holifena Ancestral house

C) Balay Negrense

Bacolod City

61. Balaring-  If you want to try the seafood of Silay, try this place. Balaring is a small barangay in Silay City. (Brgy. Balaring, Silay City, Negros Occidental). From Bacolod, take the National Highway going north.   Go past Silay City town proper, turn left at the Dona Teresita Jalandoni Provincial hospital. You will see a number of “Brgy. Balaring” signs, just follow them until you see rows of bamboo restaurants by the sea.

62.Penalosa Demo Farm.Have a side trip at the Penalosa Farm. A 3000-sqm swampy land that now produces herbs, crops, and vegetables, and where groups of swine, chickens, ducks, and rabbits are raised organically.

Bacolod City


La Vista Highland Resort


63. Cartwheel Chapel in Manapla and the Gaston’s Ancestral House. Chapel of the Cartwheels designed and built by Monsignor Guillermo Gaston. In the same place is the ancestral house of the Gaston Family which was alleged to be the location of Peque Gallaga’s 1982 multi – awarded film, ORO, PLATA MATA and was also one of the chosen locations of the recently concluded ABS-CBN teleserye, IKAW LAMANG.

64. Carbin Reef. Situated within the Sagay Marine Sanctuary, Carbin Reef is a huge tongue-shaped white sand bar in the center of the sea some 10-15 minute boat ride from the port of Old Sagay.

Bacolod City

Mt. Everest Zipline



65. Mount Everest Zipline. Consider a 1.5 kilometer Zipline at Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental.

66. La Vista Highland Resort. A good hideaway if you want to rest from your busy schedule. This place offers a beautiful view and their rooms are really good.

Bacolod City

67. Mambukal Mountain Resort. Experience nature at Mambukal Mountain Resort.   Mambukal has 7 falls, a hot spring, a lagoon for boating, bath house, butterfly garden, swimming ponds and nice cottages. Located at  Minoyan, Murcia, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. For reservation call,  +63-2-4337532, +63-2-9282101, +63-2-9295671

Bacolod City

68. Campuestohan.  The biggest theme park in Negros. Their construction is endless.

Bacolod City

69. Festivals. Take note of the very colorful festivals Negros has.Click here for the list of various Festival in Negros, and you might want to visit Bacolod in time where these festivals are being held.

planta hotel

70. Click here for the List of Hotels in Bacolod City

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  28. Just got back from a 3-week vacation in Silay/Bacolod…. Another must-try are the delicacies from Emma Lacson… Their pili square is simply the best and their fresh lumpia is the best i’ve ever had.. For me, nothing compares to it. I also likr their empanada…. Too bad I ciuldn’t bring any empanada with me but you bet I stuffed a couple of boxes of their pili squares in my already overstuffed (with pastries) luggage.

  29. Btw, Emma Lacson’s delicacies are available at their house in Silay…. They do not have a store or stall. One can just go to their house to purchase them. I do not know their address but the house is located adjacent to a bank (BPI i think) and has a green gate

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    I haven’t heard of Bacolod but the foods like great and the places to visit look beautiful.

  43. This looks amazing! What a great journey!!!

  44. Nice list. Been to most of them. It’s Hofilena by the way, not Holifena heritage house. My gf then my wife now got me a maskara made by you Jojo Vito. It’s adoringly displayed in out liviing room here in New Jersey. We’re both from there but we’ve never been back there together. Looking forward to going back togethet in 2 years.

  45. O wow, I’m so pleased to hear that 🙂 Thank you so much.

  46. i would include Italia Restaurant at it’s new location at mandalagan, of course Pepe’s should have been included,instead of tiffany’s, there’s sofia cakes and pastries, cupcakes of fibby’s, ann co desserts, 1921 resto in Silay City and the best sisig in negros occidental, where else, KSL (kubo sa lawn.

  47. OMG ! What a great blog ! I am taking my husband for the first time and we are frantically trying to drop 10 lbs so we can go on a “see-food” trip !
    I left Bacolod 10 yrs ago and am looking forward to being a tourist in my former home city.
    Hope to catch your list of 100 before we get there in Sept. Cheers!

  48. manolet57@gmail.com'


  49. manolet57@gmail.com'

    i need the exact date of the festival?

  50. Hi Manolet. Thank you. Kindly ask for the exact schedule of Masskara this october 🙂

  51. bacolod nightlife? pls check out the drinking coach… cheers!

  52. Thanx for dropping..true we have not included nightlife in this list..maybe you would want to invite bloggers to your place so we can include you in our next list 🙂

  53. eddysonbunardi24@gmail.com'
    Eddyson Bunardi

    Just the perfect time for an hungry friends of mine, we stop at the Merzci for awhile after having a long trip and vacation here in Bacolod.

  54. ezekielmiranda025@gmail.com'
    Ezekiel Miranda

    Merzci is one of the best bread and pastries I’ve tasted so far.

  55. ezekielmiranda025@gmail.com'
    Ezekiel Miranda

    Wow Merzci. Congratulations. Your delicacies are very delicious. I’m will never get tired to go anywhere of your branches just to buy one!

  56. Just the perfect time for an hungry friends of mine, we stop at the Merzci for awhile after having a long trip and vacation here in Bacolod.

  57. If this Merzci reaches Cebu, It will be a tough competitor for Shamrock and other delicacies in Cebu.

  58. vg_cabanela@yahoo.com'
    Vissia G. Cabanela - De Guzman

    We have been in Bacolod for just two days when we had our Pamamanhikan for our son ….. our Balaes Dr, Carmelo and Dra Lulu Canto were so hospitable and sweet and brought us aroundm in our short stay we were able to have a taste of the Chicken Inasal, visited the Ruins and Mamburao Falls and Resort and attended Holy Mass at their Parish Church ….
    Now, we are on our second visit to see our granddaughter along with my sisters Blandie and Kathy ….. we hope to be able to see more of Bacolod this time and taste the food !!! Thank you for your features items and photosm they will help us a lot in our visit …. more power to you !!!

  59. I’m interested in swimming with dolphins. Is there anywhere I can do this near bacolod?

  60. tierra, you can swim together with dolphins in bais city negros oriental

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