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I first heard of Chef O’s Bistro when my friends at The Feast (a spiritual community in Bacolod) were talking about it as it is owned by one of the community’s active spiritual leaders, Mr. Ojie Aguilar. I was quite thrilled as they said it is an exciting place for foodies like me to visit. Thru our mutual friend Ms. Bambie Rio, I was able to schedule a visit to Chef O’s which happened one sunny Monday afternoon. The place is not too far from the downtown and commercial area of the city. If you want a place that is cozy and private then this is ideal for you.

Bambi and I were gladly welcomed by Chef Ojie and his staff. As I looked around and took some photos, I noticed the minimalist design of the furniture. The walls are painted with dominant shades of black, white and lime green. I like the built in bench with a cover that I sat on, it looks comfy and casual. Chef Ojie said that he personally designed the interior of the restaurant and that he is hands on in all aspects of the business.

Chef Ojie is a Marketing Management graduate. But because of his passion for good food and cooking he took a two–year culinary course at The International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISHCAHM) in Manila. He was able to work at the Mandarin Oriental Manila and then at Mango Tree restaurant. He was also able to train in cooking Thai cuisine in Bangkok. He later transferred to another hotel, the Resorts World Manila. Then he decided it would be best put up his own restaurant, to also fulfill his dreams. On July 6, 2016, Chef O’s Bistro was opened.

Aside from his kitchen expertise Chef Ojie and his friends love brewing beer. This is why he decided to put hand crafted beer on the menu. “I just added San Miguel Beer on the list because there are some customers who still request for it, ” he said. He also mentioned that some of his ingredients are sourced locally and that he gets his veggies from organic vegetable suppliers.

Then, of course, I sampled six of their best sellers that customers frequently request.

1.) Spinach Artichoke Cheese Dip– small slices of crunchy baked bread served with tangy and creamy cheese dip with artichoke. Can be an appetizer but for some, it can also be a light snack. (P135)

2.) Buffalo Chicken Skin- Buffalo what? I am familiar with buffalo wings but chicken skin? Mixed flavors of spicy, sour, salty and a hint of sweetness just burst in my mouth as I savored this sinful and cholesterol-loaded but OMG so delicious treat. Ideal for pulutan, this goes well with beer or any of the liquor that Chef O’s serve. (P105)

3.) Chorizo Pasta– al dente (firm) pasta noodles cooked in olive oil and recado chorizo that makes the dish tastier and peppery. The serving is good for sharing. ( P160)

4.) Burger Sampler – three yummy burgers in a platter. Chef Ojie proudly tells us that the meat he uses for the burger patties is fresh every day. (P230)
• Classic Burger- Burger patty topped with lettuce, onion and tomato slices with cheddar cheese
• Garlic Burger- My favorite! Burger patty, lettuce, caramelized onions with a savory blue cheese dressing
• BB-Q Bacon Burger- Burger patty with lettuce, fried onion strips and crispy bacon with a rich savory barbecue sauce

5.) Barbeque Pork Ribs– Tender pork ribs marinated for hours and seasoned with herbs and spices. The meat is tender and not full of fat so it isn’t too oily. Topped with Chef O’s savory barbecue sauce. It is served with creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables. Goes well with rice too. (P195)

6.) Thai Herb Chicken in Lemon Grass Skewer served with Northwestern sauce – This Thai dish is also a must try at Chef O’s. Tender chicken parts marinated and skewered in lemon grass stalk that adds more flavor and aroma to the meat. I love the North Eastern dipping sauce that has a combined salty & sour flavor and tastes like bagoong (fermented fish) from Ilocos. Best eaten with hot plain rice. (P190)

Chef O’s also serves pasta (baked beef lasagna, carbonara, and spaghetti Bolognese among others), appetizers like chicken wings, calamari, gambas al ajillo, fish sticks, sausages (Hungarian, Hungarian-Cheese and Bratwurst) and a lot more.


enjoying my time at Chef O’s Bistro

They may be new in the business but the food is at par with other established ones. Chef Ojie also said that on December 13, Chef O’s  Bistro will have its formal opening and blessing. What makes this occasion more special is that the said opening falls on his birthday. By the way, if you want to celebrate milestones like birthdays and baptisms or just for meetings, Chef O’s Bistro accepts reservation for 30 pax maximum at the bistro/restaurant and 100 pax at the third-floor area. They also accept catering for parties and other occasions.

You may contact Chef Ojie at 0917-300-01-13 or visit Chef O’s Bistro at N & G Building San Sebastian-Dona Maria Sts. Bacolod City. 🙂

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