5 Enticing Offerings of C’s Café

C’s Café

5 Enticing Offerings of C’s Café

My recent visit to C’s Café was very timely as they are celebrating their 6th anniversary this September. C’s Cafe is now one of Bacolod’s go to places as they serve really fine European high-end bread, cakes and pastries as well as delectable pasta  meals and French sandwiches at reasonable prices. I arranged the visit with Ms. Kristine Villaruz-Garcia (LFisher Hotel’s Sales Manager) and I was just excited to try C’s new line up. Actually, this isn’t my first time to visit C’s. There are days when I would drop by to get my favorite olive bread.  I even remember the first time I dined at C’s when it opened six years ago.  The selections weren’t that much at that time but now I am pleasantly surprised at how C’s has evolved in terms of the assortment of products, taste, and service -they can even compete with Bacolod’s top cake shops and restaurants.

On a rainy afternoon, I headed to C’s with two other blogger friends – Mea Pabiona and Dhadha Garcia. When I got to C’s Mea and Dhadha were already there and being entertained by C’s Pastry  Chef Denis Laumone.  As I entered, Chef Dennis warmly welcomed me and after the pleasantries, we proceeded to show me his delectable and appetizing creations. As we were walking towards the glass counter where the white baskets of different European pieces of bread were neatly arranged and displayed, I told Chef Denis that oatmeal batard and olive bread are my favorites. He also said that his favorites are cashew rum bread and sourdough batard. Chef Denis also mentioned that the bi-color croissant is a hit in France. Bi-color croissant is a two-flavored croissant in one. Eclairs are also top on his list and he related to us that even when his kababayans (from France) come over, they would always ask for eclairs. He also recommends C’s frozen Brazos, tiramisu, and croinuts (combination of croissant and donut). Chef Denis didn’t stay long as he had to go back to his station so it was our turn to try C’s appetizing and deliciously prepared meals.

Here are C’s Café 5 enticing offerings:

C’s Café  1. Salmon Cragel- Cragel (croissant and bagel combined that makes the bread chewy and buttery) with fresh thin salon slices folded and topped with sour cream dressing, tomato and Lolo Rossa (a leafy vegetable similar to romaine lettuce).

I love the texture of the cragel. It is soft and moist. This really made my day!

C’s Café2. Mackerel and Garlic Pasta– savor the smoky goodness of toasted mackerel in fried garlic and olive oil in a bed of flat pasta. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with garlic bread with a slice of lemon. This isn’t so heavy and not too salty at all, it’s perfect for merienda or light dinner.

C’s Café3. Creamed Shitake with Grilled Chicken Pasta– I love mushrooms especially when it is combined with chicken in a meal. So, you can imagine how creamy your pasta dish would be when these two ingredients are present. Those who are on a diet can also try this.

caramel-mud-crunch, C’s Café4. Caramel Mud Crunch– Two thick layers of chocolate cake with a thick custard filling inside and topped with caramel chunks. What I like about this sinful dessert is the rich chocolate icing that is not too sweet nor too sugary. Yummy!

5. Creamy Chocolate Frappe– I do not drink coffee so I ordered this instead. It’s good! Iced chocolate drink topped with heavy cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Again I liked this because it’s not too overpowering or too sweet.

C’s has other appetizing and melts-in-your-mouth cakes, pastries and delicious bread and sandwiches. They have pastrami cragel, croissant sandwiches, and pasta Bolognese among others. Customers’ favorites are bread like the baguette, croissant, sour dough, banana cake, croinuts, cashew rum, cookie hybrid, honey-oatmeal croissant, ensaimada, and my favorites—oatmeal batard and olive bread.

Good news for European bread lovers like me, C’s offers 50% off their bread daily starting 9:00 pm. They open daily at 7:00 a,m. C’s is located on the ground floor of      L Fisher Hotel ( (outside), 14th Lacson St.  Bacolod City.

C’s Café

The author with Chef Denis Laumone and fellow bloggers  Dhadha Garcia and Mea Pabiona

C’s Café

with Kristine Villaruz-Gargia Marketing Manager of L Fisher Hotel




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