Basically, almost all of the people that travel to El Nido has this one thing in mind common prior to their travel—to swim at the town’s clear waters and to enjoy the striking view of what mother nature has done. Contrary to what people usually know about the place, there is absolutely more than that. What they only see is the 30% of what the place can offer. Well, we never know what nature holds within its depths of waters, within the heart of the forest, within the peak of its mountains. So if you are planning to visit the place anyway and looks for something to do aside from the usual swim-selfie-relax, make a quick rundown to this list so once you arrive at the town, you can make the best out of your stay.


1.Try the Special Dishes

Once you arrive at the place, of course, there would be the desire to feed the growling monsters on your stomach. So since you are already in the place anyways, why not try the special dishes like the seafood cuisines that is only presented in the town? It is worthy of your try, that is for sure. Because for some who are not fond of shells or seafood, the meals are quite appetizing, mind you.

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2. Have Fun with the Water Activities

Where there is water, there is definitely a way to make your stay more exciting. Do you know what I’m talking about? Well, I’m talking about the long list of things that you can certainly do while staying in El Nido. If you are into extreme sports, you can try water rafting where your biggest enemy is the raging waves that threaten to flip your rubber boat. You can also try to do snorkeling if you do want to enjoy watching and discovering aquatic animals. Moreover, of course, the common ride-a-boat cannot be forgotten. If you wish to feel the serenity of the scene, feel free to row your own boat.


3.Visit the Undiscovered Paradise Islands

If you think that you have already seen the rest of the town, I hate to break it to you but you are wrong. There is still a number—scratch that—a lot of places that are yet to be discovered in the beautiful town of El Nido. Some are even considered as the Virgin Islands because the beaches had just been discovered and it is not yet introduced into the public eye. There are even some who are not reached by any people yet. You see there are a lot of islands waiting to be discovered—hidden beauty that is just waiting to be unraveled.


4. Take a Tour around the Place

You only live once, as the song said, so might as well take a tour of every place that you visit. For the El Nido tour, I can assure you that not only your tummies will be full because of the delicious delicacies but your eyes for the scenic views as well. Enjoy the breathtaking views that will surely leave your mouth hanging while muttering a ‘Wow’. So make sure that your cameras and mobile phones are loaded with batteries and take a lot of pictures of the views.



5. Enjoy your Stay

There is nothing more important than to enjoy and relax whenever visiting a different place. You traveled all the way from your hometown into El Nido to unwind, right? So I strongly suggest you enjoy your stay by socializing with some natives of the town for they know the place better than you. Who knows, they might even take you in that place for free. Make your stay worthwhile by making new and unforgettable memories in the place. Do something new like trying the water activities. It is fun and totally refreshing plus it is good to step out of your personal bubble once in a while. Bear in mind that adventure starts the very moment you step out of your comfort zone.

To sum up, there are indeed a lot of ways that you can make your stay in El Nido super fun and amazing, it is just a matter of trying and risking. Nothing is going to happen if you just keep yourself from fun. El Nido is the perfect place to try something new so there, your list is set and your good to go. Come on now!

About the Author:

Brad Baguyo – head of the marketing department of Urban Nature Travel & Tours. Their websites:   http://www.elnidotourpackage.com and  http://www.elnidotourpackage.com/travel-guide/ .

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  1. I had a difficult decision to make when deciding where to visit in the Philippines. I ended up going to Boracay but El Nido was a close second. I really loved Boracay and I’m sure I would really love El Nido too. I hope I can return in the near future and head to El Nido and some other islands next time!

  2. I’ve been dreaming to visit El Nido, but never did I acquire the chance cause I always end up being trapped in Puerto Princesa. I’ll certainly do all that fun activity, especially touring around the Gem and the island of ElNido and would love to enjoy the beach as well. Thank you so much for sharing this one.


  3. El Nido looks like an oasis from heaven. I’ve been dreaming about this place. We’ve been to Puerto Prinsesa before but El Nido is different. Will note this down for future reference. 🙂

  4. Sadly, I haven’t been to El Nido but of course this place is on my list. And I love the fact ur number 1 is FOOD! coz most certainly happy stomach = happy trip! Having said that I think I’ll love it there.

  5. El Nido is such a beautiful place, May you travel alone or in group. The beaches are enough to comfort you and bring joy should you travel solo. The folks too are amiable that surely you will gain New friends. But of course, it would always be more fun to travel with friends or loved ones and share the beach and scenery with them.

  6. What dishes can you recommend during a stay there? When we talk about El Nido, definitely the waters will come into our minds. It is up to us to maximize our stay. Indeed, we have to make out most of everything we find there.

  7. the Island hopping offers a variety of grilled food (that’s included in the fees) . Not much restaurant to eat and quite costly too especially along the beach front. 🙂

  8. I have been hearing and even read articles about Palawan and sure it is one of the best places Philippines has. Of all the places we have here, this is my main target. It’s just that I need to wait for a little time until my little man grows up a little. You know, bringing a 4 year old on this kind of trip would be a little risk but hoping to be able to visit the place pretty soon. And yep, will definitely take note of your tip here. 🙂

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