While cultures come and go, some manage to stand the test of time and battle through adverse odds. Today, let’s run through a selection of historic civilizations which never died out – even when it seemed as though they were on the verge of doing so.

  1. Ruc – Vietnam

The Ruc lived a happy existence inside caves within the jungles of Vietnam prior to the outbreak of the war there between the natives and the USA. Bombings would force the indigenous people from their dwellings and force them to integrate with the rest of society.

This has proven a particular problem for the Ruc – as well as the locals – who have come to blows over their cultural differences. The tribe is said to still firmly believe in magic, with witch doctors said to still carry out rituals.


Some Amazonian tribes are friendly, others less so. Photo Credits: chany crystal via Flickr

  1. Amazonians – Brazil

No, not the race of powerful warrior women from legend – but rather a group of people indigenous to the rainforest who are still yet to be successfully made contact with. Such is the tribal nature of these peoples, that in 2007 when a helicopter hovered over their head they were greeted with a spray of arrows.

Pockets of these types of people can be found all over the Amazon, with the Brazilian government working tirelessly to locate and chart every tribe they can. With new ones being discovered every year, it’s proving something of an impossible task, however.


The Himba tribe occupy parts of Namibia. Photo credits to yeowatzup via Flickr

  1. Himba People – Namibia

If you ever take the chance to appreciate the remote isolation of Puros in Namibia, you’re likely to run across one of the most basic tribes still in existence. The Himba people roam about in this barren landscape and are welcoming to anyone they come across.

The tribe has suffered through dark patches – most notably an attempted genocide by the German Empire during the 1904-1908 Herero Wars. They also have a fascinating way of looking at color – with names given according to shades and not hues.


Tribes in New Guinea. Photo Credits michal gonnen Via Flickr

  1. Tribes of Guinea – New Guinea

The region of New Guinea is a relatively barren and unexplored area – and that’s thanks largely to the varied tribespeople you can find there. There have been several expeditions attempting to find and chart the indigenous peoples, but these have largely ended in either failure or disaster.

Some of these tribes are said to still actively engage in cannibalism. There are even strong rumors to suggest Michael Rockefeller, the heir to a small fortune, was captured and eaten while searching for them.

  1. Sentinelese – Sentinel Island

These historic people are arguably one of the most fascinating known. It’s estimated that roughly 250 people currently reside on Sentinel Island – between Indonesia and India – but, in truth, it’s impossible to say for sure.

Any attempts to make contact with the tribe has been met with violence, while gifts left behind have been dealt with in varying manors:

  • Coconuts left to plant trees were eaten
  • Live pigs were shot and the buried without being eaten
  • Red buckets were taken by the Sentinelese, but green buckets were left behind

This unique behavior has only served to heighten the mystery surrounding this tribe further.

Are you fascinated by any of these historic cultures which have persisted in the modern era? There are all sorts of tribespeople over the world who offer an insight into the world of yesteryear. Just make sure you’re careful about how you approach some of them.

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