3 Must Tries at Pendy’s , Bacolod City

 Pendy’s Bacolod

3 Must Tries at Pendy’s , Bacolod City

Pendy’s is already an icon in the local food landscape.  It has survived the test of time and is one of the well-established restaurants in Bacolod built to satisfy the Negrense’s high gastronomic standards. But actually, it started as a supermarket in 1976 and was then managed by the Maravilla matriarch, Winifred Whitney Maravilla.

I grew up visiting this place. I remember my Lolo Luis (my maternal grandfather) would buy me cold cuts and ice cream from Pendy’s Supermarket. Later on, Pendy’s became more popular to Bacolod folks as a restaurant that serves slow and home-cooked meals from heirloom recipes.

Last year Pendy’s moved to a new and I must say better location (just across the ABS-CBN station along Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City). Recently, I was able to drop by and got the chance to check on their current selections.

Mr. Omon Maravilla now manages Pendy’s along with his niece, Ms. Natasha Gonzaga. When I got there, their staff said Sir Omon just left and will be back in a while. It was then that Natasha came out to welcome and entertain me. She was gracious enough to share bits and pieces about Pendy’s rich history which I found very interesting including the hardships that the family business faced and triumphed over to become one of Bacolod’s fine restaurants that it is today. As I looked around I also noticed that “the look” of Pendy’s hasn’t changed. Through the years, it has remained classy and chic with its antique wood divider, classic dining set and elegant table setting and napkin folding that is already a Pendy’s trademark.

Our conversation grew more interesting as Sir Omon got in and shared more stories. I learned that he is an Architecture graduate from Manila who has a passion for cooking. Eventually, he took over the ownership of the family business on October 10, 2015. He and Natasha are working very well as a team, with him in the kitchen and restaurant supervision and Natasha in the baked products and a pasalubong section that Pendy’s is also known for.  Because of Pendy’s sosyal reputation, some people get intimidated and think that the price is too expensive for the Bacolod market. Fret not, according to Sir Omon, “I shaved off 30% of the price since we transferred here. Where can you find quality hamburger made from a family recipe worth just a hundred bucks?”.

As usual, I didn’t miss the chance to taste Pendy’s top 3 must tries.

 Pendy’s Bacolod

Pendy’s Classic  Burger

1. Classic Pendy’s Burger– if you love burgers that do not have a “fast food” taste and one that is packed with a great smoky flavor then this is the burger for you! Thick burger patty sandwiched in a soft and moist bun, seasoned and cooked to lock in its juices, served with onion, tomato and pickle slices on the side. How I enjoyed savoring every bite of this burger. When I first sliced it, the juices dripped – really satisfying!

 Pendy’s Bacolod

Fresh Lumpia

2. Fresh Lumpia– Uuh oh, not your typical lumpia. This Pinoy favorite even got better with sliced fresh singkamas, shredded chicken meat, chopped peanuts and lumpia sauce with lots of garlic to add more flavor as you munch on to it. Take note, this one is Omon’s recipe. Yuuummm!

 Pendy’s Bacolod

Half Moon

3. Half Moon– It is one of Pendy’s trademark specialties. This soft, creamy pastry that melts in the mouth has won the hearts of many, even those who live in Manila and abroad. They always ask for half moon to bring home as pasalubong.


The author with Omon Maravilla and  Natasha Gonzaga

Aside from the food, Sir Omon is very particular about giving quality and quick service to the guests so they maintain a well-trained and efficient staff. Over the years their menu has also evolved and improved. Other selections include Batchon (another Omon Maravilla recipe) or batchoy with lechon, the original version of the Lapaz Batchoy, the good ol’ Spaghetti, Oso Buco, Spare Ribs and Angus Beef Tapa. I also heard good reviews about their Chicken Dinuguan and Ox Tail Kare-Kare which I’m gonna try the next time I come back.

Pendy’s is open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm. They serve breakfast, meryenda, lunch and dinner. You may also visit their Facebook page or catch Pendy’s on virtual Google at www.gooogle.com.

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