We want to travel, see new places, try new food, and take lots of photos. But since we work hard for our money, we want it to last long. We want to make the most of our travel itinerary at the very least cost.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways for you in order to stretch your travel budget. You can take advantage of the various deals offered in the travel industry. It is all about being informed and doing the necessary research to get the best deals.

For people who are serious about seeing the world, doing this research should not be a major issue, after all, it’s either you save money or be able to afford an extended stay or experience an expensive activity.


Get a rewards credit card

Sometimes, the ways you can save money are things that you do every day without even thinking about it. This includes using your credit card to buy the things you need. There are many credit cards currently available that have various rewards programs associated with travel. Basically, the logic is that every time you make a purchase with the card, you earn a certain number of points based on the amount of the purchase. These points can eventually be redeemed in the form of a discount on your plane tickets. If you have enough points, you might be able to get your entire flight for free. Just make sure you understand the rules of your particular rewards card. Some cards require you to spend a certain amount in a specified time frame before you can get rewarded.

“In our case, we had a wonderful three-day stay in Bohol courtesy of my brother’s card. We had a brother and sister bonding there and it was just wonderful. We only had our fare and food to pay for. Our hotel stay and tours were taken care of.

Travel during a less popular time of year

For some people, this may not be ideal, but if you have limited funds, off-peak seasons are the best time to go. Most people want to travel to locations when the weather is at its best. For places like Florida and Southern California, the weather is good all year. But there are months when it is vacation time for the rest of the states or in Europe and you will find a lot of international guests in the vicinity. So that means it is peak season. Meanwhile, there are other locations in cold climes that do not have good weather the entire year. For example, London is known for having very cold and miserable winters. But, if you really want to see London and save money while you are at it, this is the best time to visit. Not only will you pay less for your flight and hotel, you will not have to deal with the large crowds and long lines that would normally be present at many of the most popular attractions. The downside, however, is that you have to bring warm clothes and they can be heavy on the baggage allowance and also cumbersome to wear.


Travel with Friends

Travel with friends. Sometimes, it is nice to travel alone and cover more ground. But when traveling with your friends, you can share a lot of the expenses, especially food. You can order several items on the menu and share them so that you can taste more dishes at a fraction of a price. And you get to take more photos of your foods, too. Having company is also good for when you need ride sharing. It is better to share the taxi fare between two to three persons instead of just paying it all by yourself. The best thing is, you can take photos of each other!

There are many ways that you can extend your travel budget. You can discover more by researching online, comparing prices, and asking around. The world is within our reach. All you need to do is take the first step.

Written by Maria Sigrid Lo of www.sigridsays.com.

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