3 Things I love About Panara

3 Things I love About Panara

3 Things I love About Panara


Whenever I hear the sizzling hot pans in the kitchen and smell the crisp and fragrant smell of vegetables being sautéed along with either minced pork or on rare occasions savory shrimp, my mouth automatically waters. It is an instantaneous reaction to the smell and to the promise that in a few minutes, I’d be savoring the flavorful combinations wrapped up in a crisp, deep-fried package of love that my mom would dub panara-sarap. Only later in life did I discover that the recipe was really for panara and my mom was just playing with me during that time.

No matter, it still was a flavorful treat that I enjoyed. What made it special for me is that it was only on special occasions did my mom prepare this dish. So I always looked forward to such occasions because it would also mean my mom would be busting out her cooking chops not only to impress me but also the other diners who were mostly our relatives.

Sometimes, she’d mix it up. You know, she’d change the filling and the vegetable combination but it would always end up savory and filling. She’d be busy preparing the filling a day before, marinating the meat or the shrimp in her special secret marinating sauce. It would be so flavorful after hours of being coddled in the sauce and the combination of vegetables would unfailingly complement it each bite would be a burst of flavor that ignites the senses.

Usually, I would sneak into the kitchen while she’s busy rounding up a batch and inadvertently end up stealing a couple of bites from her pile settling on the plate. It would start out as just one bite, testing the waters, so to speak and then I would be getting one piece and then another. I am sure she’d notice me stealing her panara-sarap but she’d just let me do it, probably enjoying the game we’re playing. Obviously, it would be a bonding moment for us – my mom in front of the stove, me on the stool, enjoying her masterpiece. No words need to be said, the unspoken moments were so full of communicable appreciation.

What would make it more special were her trio of dipping sauces. It reflected her development in the kitchen. At first it would simply be a choice among catsup, soy sauce and vinegar. Then it became herbed catsup, home-made mayonnaise and a vinegar based dip. Whatever trio of dipping sauces she served along with the panara, well, it got its due course as it would always be finished. Whatever she presented to us, we lapped up because not only was it filling and tasty, we knew it was a labor of love.

Whenever she busts out the pans and then takes over the kitchen, I know she’d be preparing something special. And when I hear the sizzle of those vegetables being stir-fried and I smell the wafting aroma of the meat and I spy the wrappers, I know I, personally am in for a treat and a great time. And everything is once again good in the world.

3 Things I love About Panara

My Panara Today

My mother passed away a few years ago, but my memories of her loving arms and care especially with the comfort food she prepared remained fresh in my mind.

This is one of the reasons why each time I would have the opportunity, I would really drop by Quan Delicacies and grab some delicious Panara.

Why I love Panara

1.It’s one comfort food which brings back beautiful memories of my mom.
2.It has veggies and carbohydrates which could suffice for my lunch in some busy days.
3.The texture of this food brought about by the combination of the veggies feeling and the crisp coating is just perfect especially if paired with an ice-cold soda.

3 Things I love About Panara

Grab your Panara and other native delicacies in any of the following Quan Outlets:

Bacolod Branches
Quan MC Metroplex – Northdrive – (34) 433-9987
Quan La Salle Avenue (034) 707-1982
Quan Gaisano City (034) 707-8440
Quan Phoenix Gas Station, San Sebastian
Quan Robinsons Supermarket (034) 476-1518
Quan SM Food Court – 213-9149
Quan San Juan – (034) 704-1253

Talisay Branch
Quan Super Metro, The District North Point (034) 702-3466

Manila Branch
1797 Dian St, Palanan. Makati (02) 833-5843

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