It’s love month once again and I’m sure you are looking for a place to dine where you can enjoy good food, have some privacy and relax in a cozy ambiance.

Here’s a tip – I found all these in Tyrol Restaurant. Owned by Chef Ganther Sanin, it opened in 2014 and is located along 12th St. Lacson, Bacolod City several meters away from the back of Mayfair Plaza nearing the street’s dead end. The name of the restaurant is derived from TYROL (German: Tirol), a federal state in Western Austria at the heart of Europe. It comprises the Austrian part of the historic Princely County of Tyrol. Along with my co-blogger Jojo Vito (Happy Trip & Top on MY List), I went to TYROL to fill my curiosity on what they can offer. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Daniel Sokoll (General Manager) and he then introduced us to Chef Dennis, who specializes in German and Austrian cuisine. Chef Denise is also an instructor at the Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts (BACA) where he shares his culinary expertise with his students.

There are two dining areas in Tyrol, the main air conditioned and the al fresco dining. The al fresco area is built with large pieces of hardwood. It has a laid back feel that makes the customers relax, enjoy the place and eat more. It also has a bar that displays the beer that TYROL’s main branch in Dumaguete processes.

Shortly after showing us around, Mr. Sokoll presented us with the menu showcasing TYROL’s specialties. Chef Dennis added that most of the ingredients are locally sourced but the spices are all imported from Germany.


Here are four of their must tries:

1.) Nurnberger Roast Sausages– pan fried pork sausages served with sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, and potato salad. The sausages are juicy and savory, peppery with every bite but not overwhelming. Chef also mentioned that the potatoes are marinated in secret spices. Hmmm, yum! (P295)


2.) Chef’s Salad– generous layers of fresh lettuce topped with slices of tomatoes, white onions, rolled ham, hard boiled eggs, and cucumber. Served with choices of pesto, garlic and potato dressing. Recommended for those who love vegetables with a twist of smoky flavor from the ham slices.


3.) Roast Pork Knuckle– This dish is similar to crispy pata. Pork knuckle marinated, boiled and fried until crunchy and golden brown. Upon slicing, the juices and meat just fell off the bone. I guess the only difference is that German pork knuckle is served with rich brown gravy while Pinoy’s crispy pata is served with spicy vinegar with soy sauce, onions, and garlic. Good for 2-3 persons. (P495)


4.) Pork Schnitzel Vienna Style– If you like breaded pork chops then you will love this dish. Pork tenderloin, marinated, breaded and pan fried. Crunchy on the outside with meat soft and chewy on the inside. Eaten with bread or rice. Served with gravy and mixed vegetables. (P295).

For those who want to enjoy their drink, Tyrol Restuarant opened a wine room adjacent to their resto. Imported wines are displayed and mood music fills the air. Avail also of their lunch promo for only P155. This customer friendly price offers generous servings and the menu varies daily. So drop by Tyrol Restuarant and try their authentic German and other delicious European treats.

Tyrol Restaurant Location:

12th St Lacson, Mayfair Place Residence
Bacolod City, Philippines

For inquiries, you may call tel. no. Call 034-703-1878 and 0917-776-1999.

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